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Jack Smith

Jack Smith is a retired law enforcement officer spending 27 years out of 30 in Forensics. The highlight of his career was the well known “Gainesville Murders” in Gainesville, Florida where his invaluable evidence collecting abilities aided in the identification of a suspect and later conviction.

After retirement he formulated a successful Service of Process business. In 2012 he sold the business to assist in the care of a close family member.

In 2014 Jack returned to the workforce to become an independent contract auditor for various financial institutions.

In 2021 after RVing for 40 plus years he attended the National RV Training Academy receiving a certificate as a registered RV Technician as well as becoming a Certified RV Inspector.

Jack believes his past endeavors gives him an advantage by having an eye for detail. He also believes his experiences in RVing will aid a Recreational Vehicle Purchaser in making a well informed decision.

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