Certified RV Inspections

At On Time RV Service in Gainesville, FL, we are your trusted experts in Certified RV Inspections. Our certified inspection ensures that your RV meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. We conduct thorough inspections, addressing every detail to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your RV’s condition. Whether you’re a seasoned RV owner or a first-time buyer, our Certified RV Inspections offer peace of mind. Trust us to help you make informed decisions about your RV. 

Class A

Luxury Amenities

Large Size


High Cost

More Details

Navigating the world of Class A RV inspections can be tricky. For residents of Gainesville, FL, the journey is made simple. You can now protect your significant investment effortlessly. The steps to secure certified inspections are streamlined. Let’s dive in.

Class B

Humble Amenities

Smallest Size

Lowest MGP

Cost Based on Convenience

More Details

Exploring the realm of Class B RV inspections doesn’t have to be complicated. For those living in Gainesville, FL, the process is a breeze. Safeguard your valuable asset with ease, thanks to our straightforward approach to certified inspections. Time to dig in.

Class C

Average Amenities

Medium Size

Medium MGP

Cost Based on Convenience

More Details

In Gainesville, FL, owning a Class C RV is synonymous with freedom and adventure. Yet, before hitting the road, it’s crucial to get a professional Class C RV Inspection. With On Time RV Services, you get local expertise that national chains simply can’t match.

Super C

Luxury Amenities

Large Size


High Cost

More Details

When you’re in Gainesville, FL, the allure of the open road is palpable. The freedom offered by a Super C RV in this idyllic location is unparalleled. However, that freedom comes with a responsibility: ensuring your RV is in optimal condition. That’s where On Time RV Services steps in.

5th Wheel

Higher End Amenities

Large Size

Requires Large Tow Vehicle

Mid-Level Cost

More Details

Navigating the world of Fifth Wheel RV inspections in Gainesville, FL can be simple and stress-free. Protect your investment effortlessly with our uncomplicated methodology for certified inspections. Let’s dive in.

Travel Trailer

Family Amenities

Medium Size

Smaller Tow Vehicle

Lower Cost

More Details

Exploring the landscape of Travel Trailer RV inspections in Gainesville, FL is now easier than ever. Safeguard your valuable investment with minimal fuss. The process for obtaining a certified inspection has been simplified for your convenience. Time to delve in.

Why Using a Certified RV Inspectors is Crucial

Let’s face it, buying an RV is an investment. You wouldn’t want to invest in something faulty, right? Certified RV inspection in Gainesville, FL is the go-to service for ensuring a secure purchase. These experts have specific tools and knowledge that average inspectors lack.

Key Features of a Comprehensive RV Inspection

As a Certified RV Inspector, On Time RV Services provides a through assessment of the RV following the ethical standards of the National RV Inspectors Association. Below is a highlight of a few key areas of a Certified RV Inspection so you know what to expect:

Roof Integrity

Check for any signs of water leaks, any cracks, tears, or punctures, the condition of all sealants, the mounting and condition of antennas and satellite dishes, skylights for cracks, and evaluate sealant integrity.

Systems and Appliance Checks

Thorough examination of various aspects of the RV, including its mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, structural integrity, and exterior components. They will typically inspect the drive system, tires, suspension, generator, water systems, heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, and more.


Look for signs of exterior damage such as cracks, dents, holes, or delamination, any signs of leakage or water damage, sealants around windows, doors, and other openings, and evaluate the condition of the paint or finish.

Inspection Report

Detailed documentation that includes pictures and/or video with items circles or an arrow pointing to them, with a detailed types description of the issue and potential remedie suggestions as appropriate. All with the goal to equip youto make an informed purchase decision.

Certified RV Inspector Code of Ethics

On Time RV Services Inspector is a…

RV Inspector who is objective in reporting, not knowingly understate or overstate the details and the impact of the findings of any RV inspection.

RV Inspector who will not inspect for compensation any Recreational Vehicles in which the Inspector has or expects to have a financial interest in the outcome of the inspection.

RV Inspector who will not receive compensation for a RV Inspection from more than one party unless all parties agree to such arrangement.

RV Inspector who will make every effort to maintain and improve the professional practice and integrity of the NRVIA membership. Any willful violations of the NRVIA Code of Ethics and Standards of Performance shall be reported to National RV Inspectors Association for review and possible disciplinary actions.

RV Inspector who performs their inspections and state the results based upon genuine conviction and only within their education, skills, training and experience.

RV Inspector who will not inspect any Recreational Vehicles under any type of compensation, contingent fee or future referrals that is dependent upon the reported findings or on the sale of the unit.

RV Inspector who will not accept any type of direct or indirect compensation for recommending service providers, products or other features to parties having an interest in the RV being inspected.

RV Inspector who will avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit themselves or reduce public confidence in the RV Inspection profession.

RV Inspector who will not disclose any inspection findings, test results or client information without the clients approval, except where inspector observes hazards that will impact a current occupant’s safety and well-being.

RV Inspector who will not directly or indirectly compensate any party having a financial interest in the sale, lease or rental of a Recreational Vehicle.

RV Inspector who will not repair, service or upgrade for compensation any RV systems or components covered by the NRVIA Standards of Practice for a minimum of 1 year from the RV Inspection date.

RV Inspector who will not market, advertise or promote their RV Inspection services or qualifications in a deceptive, false and misleading way.

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